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The laminate worktops are manufactured to exacting standards, which makes them highly resistant to impact, scratching and moisture. Boiling water and cooking splashes do no harm to the surface of the worktop.

The surface only requires cleaning with a warm damp cloth and a mild detergent or non-abrasive cream cleaner diluted on warm water. Abrasive scourers should be avoided. For a textured surface a soft nylon nailbrush can be used. We would recommend using a heat resistant mat and stress that objects taken directly from the oven of hob should never be placed directly onto the work surface, this may cause blistering. Never cut foodstuffs directly on the surface, always use a chopping board for preparation. Critical areas on any laminate work surface are around joints and cutouts. Spilt liquids should be wiped away immediately to avoid ingress and potential damage.

We do not recommend placing appliances such as kettles, toasters or any appliance with a heat source directly over a worktop joint, this will, over a prolonged period of time cause the joint to expand and bulge.

laminate worktop


Wilsonart International logo

Wilsonart International offers a variety of laminates and solid surface products, including their "HD" line. These products are designed for beauty and durability. Whether you're looking for a traditional or modern look, their line of counter top surfaces and accessories can give your kitchen the look of granite, without the "sticker shock" of granite.

To clean, simply use a damp cloth and mild soap. Mild household cleaners (such as Mr. Clean, Formula 409, Windex, etc.) or baking soda can be used on more difficult stains such as coffee, using a stiff nylon brush to briefly scrub the affected areas. Prolonged scrubbing may damage or scratch the finish, however.

For more information, or to view the products and colors available, click here.


Cambria logo

Cambria produces natural stone countertops, designed to be more durable than granite due to their higher Quarz content. This makes the surfaces less susceptible to scratching, staining and the absorption of moisture, which can harbor germs and bacteria. The stone also gives off no emissions, such as radon.

The Cambria products require no sealing, polishing or reconditioning. Warm water and mild soap are all that is typically needed to the clean the surface.

Along with offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty, the products are proudly made in the USA.

For more information, or to view the products and colors available, click here.


DuPont Corian

On installation, a Corian worktop will have an overall satin sheen finish. However as you use it, the Corian acquires a smoother, more silken finish and appearance, rather like the soft lustre of sheen fine silverware develops. Even the cleaning properties appear to improve with use. So that this lustre does not develop unevenly use a gentle abrasive powder bleach (e.g. Bar Keepers friend) or a mild cream abrasive cleanser once or twice a month over the first few months.

Clean the entire top with a wet sponge or cloth, using a circular motion. Rinse/wipe with a damp cloth and dry with paper towel or soft cloth. Clean the sink or top as usual, with a damp cloth and detergent, wiping it well and rinsing it to get rid of any oils and fats - or spray with a hard-surface cleaner and leave a few minutes before rinsing/wiping clean with a damp cloth and finishing with a dry cloth. If any stains need more attention sprinkle a gentle abrasive powder bleach on the damp surface and leave for a few minutes before using a sponge or soft cloth to rub with a circular motion and rinse then wipe dry. Metal marks from pots and pans show on Corian sinks, just as they do on porcelain ceramic or acrylic. Also food preparation stains or discolouration (from wine, tea, coffee, vegetable oils, food residues, etc) build up in Corian sinks, just as in stainless steel sinks where they are less evident on the darker base colour.

Hard water leaves visible watermarks on Corian, just as on glassware which is why it should be wiped dry with a soft cloth or paper towel after use. If hard water scale has built up around the waste or taps, use a standard household lime scale remover and follow the manufacturers instructions.

Never put hot pans, particularly cast iron, directly on a Corian top or in a sink. Such heat can damage any surface! Use a heat resistant mat. Avoid pouring boiling liquids directly into sinks without turning on the cold tap as well. Scratches: it is not a good idea to cut or chop on Corian - it will score the work surface! Use a chopping board instead.

granite worktop


Stone requires very little maintenance:

Regularly clean your worksurfaces with a damp cloth. Dry off worktops to avoid dull patches appearing where hard water and soap residues may have been left during daily use. Liquid all purpose surface cleaner is an excellent product to use to clean and maintain the surface shine. Avoid the use of abrasive or strong detergent cleaners.

Hot saucepans and dishes can be placed on your granite surfaces without fear of damage. Cutting foods on your stone worktops should not scratch the granite but it will blunt your knives quickly!

Granite and particularly marble, are porous materials; even when the surfaces and edges have been polished and treated with a stain resistant product, strongly coloured liquids can stain the surfaces. Be careful therefore with acidic products such as wine, fruits, nail varnish and perfume, and oils such as olive oil, vegetable and cooking oils, these may stain if allowed to soak into your worktops. Should a spillage occur wipe off as soon as possible. Marble is not recommended for use as a kitchen work surface, so if this is the chosen material for your kitchen please treat it with extra care.

We now supply our own granite and marble worktops and floors through our own stone masons at Granite Dynamics - so if you thought Granite or Marble was too expensive, think again!

wood wortop


A wooden worktop has certain properties, which you need to be aware of in order to retain its natural beauty and resistance to wear. The glue used is completely waterproof and heat resistant. Apply Liberon Oil to the work surface in order to maintain the surfaces supplied by the manufacturer.

In the first few weeks/months of using your work surface, you will see that liquids are retained on the waterproof surface. All liquids should be wiped up and not left to dry. Do not leave pots and pans on the drainer. Depending on how much use the work surface receives, it will be necessary from time to time to apply a thin layer of Liberon Oil in order to build up a patina, which will prevent abrasion damage and retain the surface seal.

When cleaning the work surface, use warm water and a little washing up liquid. Once it is completely dry, apply the Liberon Oil with a fluff free cloth to all accessible parts of the worksurface especially the edges. It is usually best to do this when the kitchen will not be used for 6 hours, as this is the period necessary for the Liberon Oil to work itself into the surface and dry. Don't be tempted to put a lot of Liberon Oil on as it will just take longer to dry - thin coats work best. After several oilings (which you can do at any time or if the work surface looks a little 'dry' or 'patchy') the patina will be building up and your kitchen will look marvellous.

If you are unlucky to damage your wood surface, there is no need to panic. It should be possible to sand or plane out the damage, often steel wool is all that is needed. Once the blemish has been worked out, start re-applying Liberon Oil in the normal way to build back the waterproof patina.

If you are uncertain about doing this kind of work ask your kitchen supplier for assistance.
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