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High-performance laminate flooring can look like wood or tile, is extremely durable and easy to clean. Laminates feature engineered, layered construction and can stand up to just about anything. Laminate flooring does not scuff or show wear-through. The surface is burn-resistant and resists scratching from pets. The surface will not indent with normal family usage nor will the color fade. Clean-up is easy, requiring only a damp cloth or vacuum. Good for moisture-prone areas: Kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, family rooms, dens, laundry rooms, as well as all high-traffic areas.

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HARDWOOD Many people prefer the natural, rich beauty of genuine wood floors. Upscale and elegant, they create a warm, inviting look. You can choose from two categories: Solid wood and engineered wood.

Solid Wood
The most common wood flooring consists of solid, one-piece boards. Solid wood flooring is usually nailed to a subfloor of wood. Solid wood is not recommended below-grade or for basement installation.

Engineered Wood
Consists of two or more layers of wood laminated together. The top layer is usually a hardwood veneer of varying thickness. The lower layer is a softwood backing.

Most engineered wood floors are glued down, rather than nailed down. Some are installed as "floating floors", meaning the edges of the panels are glued together but not attached directly to the subfloor. It can also be glued directly to a concrete slab which means it can be used below grade.

Variety of Styles
Most wood flooring is available in three formats, the most common being the familiar wood strip. It is also available in wider width planks or as parquet squares.

Unfinished floors, installed on-site, allow you many choices for colors and types of finishes. Most solid wood flooring is unfinished, while most engineered floors are prefinished

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